Creating Roommate Groups

9) Next, if you and your friends would like to live together, you have the option of creating a roommate group so that you may find a room or unit where all of you may reside together.

Students will need to ACCEPT or DENY entry into a group.

1 - Create a Group allows you to create a group by searching for specific friends to add to your group. Groups can be as small as 2 and as large as 5 people.

2 - Join Group allows you to join a group that has already been created. You will be able to input a password created by your group leader to join their group. (Ex. Your friend has created a group and given you the information to access joining their group.)

3 - Search for Roommate Group allows you to join a group already created where other group members are looking to add people to their group.

4 - Search for Roommates by Details allows you to search for roommates based on personal details such as name, ID number, or major.

5 - Search for Roommates by Profiles allows you to search for roommates based on roommate profiles such as sleep preference, study time, cleanliness, or other items.

6 - Suggest Roommates allows the system to suggest some roommates based on your roommate profiles.