Housing License Agreement (HLA)

4) Read and sign the Housing License Agreement (HLA). The HLA is for the full term of the agreement (both Fall and Spring semesters). It is very important that you read and sign the housing license agreement and understand the terms and conditions to reside in campus housing. All students living on campus are required to adhere to the terms and policies within this document.

Important Note

This page in the application is currently undergoing maintenance and you will be redirected to a page explaining that once the Housing License Agreement is updated, you will be required to sign this document. Do not be alarmed as this does not mean your housing space has not been booked. Students who participate in Continuing Student Housing Selection will be emailed within the coming weeks to log in and sign their HLA for the 2023-2024school year.

Once you have signed this document, a copy will be emailed to your preferred email address on file. You may also download and print this document for your records by selecting one of the icons in the top right corner.